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Power BI Platform - My 3 Predictions!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Disclaimer - I have no idea where the Power BI Platform is going and I am not privy to any more information than anyone else in the world..... unfortunately!

The last couple weeks has been eventful for the data and analytics and visualisation space: - Salesforce have acquired Tableau

- Google have acquired looker

- Microsoft business application summit has taken place

The data analytics industry leaders are understanding how important the seamless integration between data sources, analytics and visualisations is to customers.

For now I foresee the rat race to seamless integration benefiting customer the most and leads me on to my predictions surrounding the future of the Power BI Platform.

Following on from the above as a Power BI developer the original development and deployment strategy of "sitting" Power BI desktop on top of data sources is now not necessarily the best way to develop and deploy reports.

The lines have become blurred over the last say 4 months with the introduction of: - Dataflows

- Certified and Shared Data sets

I think Microsoft have attempted to do good by the 'Enterprise' on the above 2 features, it gives organisations the building blocks to start the Enterprise enabled self service journey. Considering nearly all the great monthly updates that come out are for the benefit of the Power BI developers it's about time the Enterprise got some love.

Needless to say, here are my predictions 😎

1) Dataflows will be able to created without the need to be a gateway admin.

In my opinion it doesn't make sense restrict the creation of dataflows as:

  • it takes stress of data sources when refreshing

  • it currently creates more work for tenant admins to maintain data flows

  • most Power BI developers will already have access to the data sources already

I think the dataflows will mature to follow the promoted and certified approach taken by the shared and certified datasets. If organisations are currently using dataflows, tenant admins would have to either have to trust Power BI developers to be admins on gateways or have to copy and paste M code for keeps sake probably without the knowledge if it's right or wrong. Both options aren't ideal.

If and when this prediction comes true I see dataflows taking off more than they have already!

2) Data modelling (including DAX) will come to Power BI Service

Power Query has basically migrated to Power BI Service where further enhancements and relabelled as data flows, and the now discontinued AAS web designer let you manage your Azure Analysis Service model in the Azure Portal.

Maybe the comment of ' We’re working on better, more robust ways to bridge the gap between Power BI and Analysis Services. We have no time frames or details to announce yet, but we will share more info as soon as we can. ' is sooner than we think!

This feature would be great for data sources that don't need a gateway but maybe not as performant for on premises data sources.

3) Pre-built reports with automated insights will increase

Power BI Desktop has the ask a question feature and Power BI Service has the quick insights feature. With all the meta data that Microsoft have at the tips of their fingers I feel that automated insights is a hill worth climbing and would add another piece to self service puzzle.

This feature would be the easiest to get wrong, so would most likely be the last one to be released out of my 3 predictions.

Needless to say the data analytics and visualisation arena is growing rapidly.

!!Watch this space!!

Do you have any predictions? What do you think of my predictions? Feel free to comments below.


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